Bases and casings for all models are of hot dipped galvanised steel construction. Wind bands and shutter flaps are manufactured from cold rolled galvanised steel. The flap mounting mechanism is designed to prevent water leaking into the fan. Special materials and finishes are available for hazardous environments and special circumstances. Available in optional Colorbond™ colours.

Units comply with AS4429 and approved by BS and AMCA. AS1668 pt1 for Smoke Spill applications. Rated fan performance has been determined by testing to ISO 5801 : 2007. Fan sound data has been determined by testing to BS848 Part 2 : 1985 or AMCA 300.

Aerofoil adjustable pitch impellers are available in a range of materials, including pressure die cast aluminium, injection moulded glass reinforced polypropylene (GRP) and nylon. Impellers are balanced to ISO1940 Grade G6.3.

Motors are of TEFC design. Motor enclosure features IP55 protection. Motor windings incorporate class ‘ F’ insulation as standard although class ‘ H’ is readily available. Motor bearings are either sealed for life and maintenance free or supplied with grease lines terminated outside the fan case.

Smoke Spill
LR Series fans have been tested and certified to meet the requirements of AS4429:1999. The fans comply with requirements of AS/NZS1668.1:1998

Wiring diagrams and latest data
Refer to the latest product datasheet for individual model wiring instructions, data and specifications. Datasheets are available from our electronic selection software FansSelect.

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