The PRF fans have been developed especially for the exhaust of aggressive media. This aggressive media fan is a robust plastic centrifugal fan ideal for applications where the extraction of dirt, corrosive gases, or other aggressive media will harm a standard fan. This is the right fan when corrosive gases, contaminated air or other aggressive components are part of the exhaust air.

Typical applications are medical facilities, the food-, electrical-or chemical industry. The sintered casing from PP offers a variety of applications with its connectors from ø 125 – 250 mm.

The handing can be easily adjusted by turning it (The standard position is LG270).

  • Single-flow impellers from PP with effective blade geometry
  • Antistatic housing
  • Integral thermistors (PTC *)
  • The pedestal is manufactured of stainless steel

Suitable for danger zone 2 category 3G with classes IIA and IIB and temperature classes T1 to T4. A hazardous motor selection form must accompany all PRF EX fan orders.

To protect the motor from overheating these fans have integral thermistors (PTC) with external leads which must be connected to the U-EK230E motor protection relay.

* Positive Temperature Coefficient

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Selection software


Compatibility with Chemical Agents


PRF Handing Form


Hazardous Motor Selection Form


Installation & Maintenance Manuals

PRF & PRF EX Installation & Operating Instructions


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