The RPA series is a range of ceiling or wall mount fans featuring external rotor motors and sickle blade impellers for very quiet operation.  Ideally suited to commercial and industrial ventilation applications where an attractively styled ring plate type fan is required.  The fans have a cylindrical body design for direct connection to ductwork.  Fans can be mounted at any angle.

Cases and grille are of powder coated steel. Motor supports are of corrosion protected steel.

Motor windings incorporate ‘F’ insulation as standard. Motor bearings are maintenance free sealed for life design. Auto-reset thermal contacts are provided.

Rated fan performance has been determined by testing to ISO 5801 : 2007. Fan sound data has been determined by testing to ISO 13347 : 2004.

Wiring diagrams and latest data
Refer to the latest product datasheet for individual model wiring instructions, data and specifications. Datasheets are available from our electronic selection software FansSelect.

It is a condition of our warranty that all equipment supplied is installed according to the requirements of AS/NZS3000:2007.

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